Dawn V Gilmore, Owner/Photographer

Who am I? I am a luxury women's portrait photographer who focuses on making women feel comfortable in their own skin through women's portraits (boudoir/glamour, modern headshots & personal branding portraits).

I could just cut and paste a standard bio here but I won't do that.  I am a mother, wife, and best of all - a curvy girl (that is me in the photo)! I am my own worst critic and I know it. My favorite play of all time is Phantom of the Opera and chocolate peanut butter ice cream is a guilty pleasure of mine (hence the curves...lol).  

I know that the thought of getting in front of a camera can be frightening for most women.  I am sure that you are saying to yourself - "after I loose 10 pounds".  It is NOT about your weight.  Don't believe me??  Check out the photos from my Boudoir Session!  I was 297 pounds at the time that I did my shoot.  Click here to see my images. Does that give you an idea of who I am? Well, you can also pick up the phone and call me if you wanna get to know me even better!

I am on a mission to give women everywhere their self esteem back! You owe it to yourself to be happy in your own skin.  By being happy in your own skin, you will attract the right kind of people.

"Celebrate You" shoots are my passion!! No matter what size or shape you are, you are beautiful.  I will make sure that I capture that beauty so you can see how amazing you truly are.  I give you permission to talk about what you LOVE about yourself and stop talking about what you hate! It's all about focusing on those wonderful things about yourself! Your self love is the most important thing, and when you love yourself, the world will love you.  When you are in front of my camera you will have nothing but fun, confidence, and love at your session. The glass is always half full here!

As an advocate for BODY DIVERSITY, I promise to provide a safe, non-judgemental space for ALL BODY TYPES and to challenge cultural and societal beauty ideals.

I am a Licensed & Insured Port St. Lucie Luxury Women's Portrait Photographer focused on empowering women thru portrait sessions. I am also a member of the  PPA (Professional Photo graphers of America), AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers) and Boudoir International

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you HAVE to use my photos?
No, of course not! We understand privacy can be a concern, especially with boudoir photos. Rest assured that we NEVER use ANY images without a client's permission. We have many clients who require no usage at all and we absolutely respect that. You do NOT have to allow usage of your images if you do not want to.
Do you offer retouching?
Basic retouching is included with each session. I will say that I work very hard to pose you and to light you in a way that will require very little (if not any) retouching. My main rule of thumb is that I do not remove anything that is permanent (scars/tattoos) unless specifically requested. If you have acne, cellulite, stretchmarks or bruises, we can soften or remove but typically my skin smoothing and the way I shoot typically minimize any stretchmarks or cellulite. However if extensive, and you request to have it full removed additional fees may apply. If you have something specific you are concerned about, feel free to message me.
Do I need to provide my own outfits/lingerie?
Yes. We typically shoot women of all shapes & sizes so keeping a full wardrobe on hand is not practical. We do offer a jewelry accessory wall, as well as some accessory pieces for your shoot (hats/throws/vests/lace). If you are looking for something specifically feel free to ask.
I don't know how to pose! What do I do?
Don't worry. Most clients don't know how to pose. You don't need to practice your "sexy" face or try to perfect your "duck lips" for your shoot. LOL. I will lead you the whole way. I will show you how to pose and talk you through everything. You don't need to know ANYTHING before you come with regards to posing. I always explain to my clients that if the pose I put you in feels awkward then you are doing it right!
Do you offer payment plans?
YES - absolutely! We have several payment plan options for our larger packages. If you are looking to book a session but would like to discuss payment options, just send me a message and I will see how we can make it work for your budget.
Where do we shoot?
We have several options. We can shoot in our Port St. Lucie residential studio, on-location, or outdoors depending on what we are shooting. Typically most sessions are done in our residential studio in Port St Lucie (which does allow for some more fashion/glamour images to be shot outside the studio as well). However, if you want to discuss locations that are more specific to what your needs are, let me know.

I am SO blessed & grateful to get to do this for a living. The ability to show woman how to see themselves differently and to give them a new found confidence is the most rewarding thing! Empowered women Empower women! This is why I do what I do! Here are some testimonials/reviews from past clients. I hope hearing their words about how they felt after a session will help show you that YOU too can do a shoot and have incredible, timeless images.


I had the opportunity to be in front of Dawn V Gilmore Photography’s cameras and I have to say omg it was an experience. She made me feel comfortable, provided insight and listened to my wants. Patience and fun. Ty so much. #ivebeendawned Google Review

Mya A
IMG_7273-Edit square.jpg

I would recommend Dawn to anyone! I am a single mom of two beautiful little girls, who was recently divorced & had lost all of my self esteem. Dawn made me feel empowered and extremely beautiful as a woman, model and mother. Her personality and perseverance as a photographer captured every insecurity I had & brought out a side I never knew I had inside. I finally remember who I was and what i was capable of doing. If your looking for a change, a new you or maybe just a fun photo session, I highly recommend Dawn V. Gilmore as your girl! Google Review

Felicia R
IMG_5572-Edit square.jpg

I have done several photo shoots with Dawn and they have always been amazing. Just a few days ago I did my business branding photos with her and I couldn’t be happier. I had a vision of what I wanted and Dawn brought my vision to life and surpassed my expectations. She is the best and truly listens to her clients. When she sent me the sneak peeks, OMG i absolutely love them all. I cannot wait to see the finished product. She is an amazing photographer. I am still on cloud nine after my photo shoot and it’s been 3 days! Google Review

Janet G
IMG_4259 square.jpg

If I could give her 10 stars ✨ I would! The comfort level is off the charts with this lovely lady!! As someone always battling body acceptance issues I took the chance and wanted to do something I had never done before and wanted to look sexy and see myself as I’ve never seen myself before.... So I booked with dawn when she lived in Delaware on one of her visits to Florida she did my shoot & I wouldn’t of thought in a million years that I would of felt comfortable enough to stand in front of anyone that I didn’t know barely clothed...but.... I stood nude in my front window for dawn to photograph me because SHE made me feel like I was on top of the world with her words of encouragement and her amazing way of capturing the best Photograph and pose. She’s a beautiful person with an outgoing crazy personality that has the ability to make u feel so comfortable in your skin that you see and feel the beauty that is YOU no matter what size or shape you are!! It takes an amazing person to be able to do that....Google Review

Brandi R

"I was definitely nervous to make the call to book the shoot, but by the time I booked the appointment I was feeling more excited than nervous. On the day of my shoot, Dawn immediately put me at ease. After meeting her, I told my husband, "I want us to be friends!" The shoot ended up being an amazing experience. I definitely found myself feeling more confident as the shoot went on, and by the end of it I didn't want to leave! Dawn supported me throughout the shoot and made me more and more comfortable. It's easy to talk yourself of out this luxurious experience: "I don't deserve it, I haven't worked hard enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm not pretty enough..." I think EVERY woman who has done a shoot like this has had those thoughts go through her head--which is exactly why every woman should do it! Take the opportunity to see yourself as your loved ones see you--strong and beautiful. I can honestly say I have never felt so sexy and beautiful. I am so glad I did this for myself." Google Review

Flo Y

"My Session with Dawn was amazing! For someone who I only spoke with via messages, she made me feel so comfortable and felt like I knew her for forever! She made the entire shoot fun and exciting and I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. The feeling I had walking out of her studio was almost euphoric and it felt like I was on cloud 9. I still, to this day, get the same feeling every time I look at my gorgeous images. Hard to believe it is me in those photos!!!! If no one has had a boudoir session, I HIGHLY recommend shooting with Dawn!!!! Not only did I find a friend the day of my session but I found more confidence in myself that I never knew existed!!!! I love Dawn and I WILL be back behind her camera!!!"

Shannon O

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