As a woman’s portrait, glamour and boudoir photographer I get all sorts of questions. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who may be unsure of the reason for someone specializing in boudoir photography and women’s portraiture or all of the in’s and out’s about how a glamour or boudoir session works. That’s what I am here for!

HD version of Behind the Scenes of a “Celebrate You” glamour and boudoir session from Dawn V Gilmore on Vimeo

I thought the best way to start would be to show you a little “Behind the Scenes” video to give you an idea of what a session is like with us!  So – you are asking; WHAT exactly is a “Celebrate You” session? Well, in many markets its also called a Glamour, Beauty or Boudoir session. The reason I DON’T call it that is because it is more than just that to me!

It’s about us as women loving the skin we are in; loving our curves; finding all of the positives about ourselves and accentuating THEM! It’s not about focusing on the negatives. We are all beautiful women regardless of our size! EMBRACE all of those wonderful things about yourself that make you who you are! “Celebrate” them – if you will. LOVE YOURSELF NOW!

Look in the mirror & figure out WHAT it is that you LOVE about yourself. Is it your shoulders, your lips, your curves, your bust….. there is SOMETHING, I just know there is! This is about getting images of yourself so you can visualize just how GORGEOUS you are!

Every session includes a pre-shoot consultation so that we can discuss what “theme” you are looking for.  I will walk you through your wardrobe choices & help you decide what style you are going to use for your shoot.  During the boudoir shoot you won’t have to think about anything.  You can just sit back and enjoy the pampering experience of having your hair and makeup done by a professional.  Once we begin shooting your session, I will direct all of your posing for you.  I will help you find the most flattering poses so that your images are stunning!  Being a full time boudoir photographer has given me years of experience in how to best flatter every body type.  You don’t have to worry about anything.  I am here to guide you through the entire process and you will feel like a sexy supermodel when you are done.

florida plus size women's boudoir photos

Before and After images are in our gallery for anyone who wants to see what our clients look like before the shoot begins.  It’s all about taking your existing beauty and turning it up a notch!  I don’t do before/after images to make anyone feel bad.  It’s really just to showcase that my clients are NOT professional models.  They are just like you and I when we wake up in the morning & have no makeup on and don’t have our hair done.  That is why I showcase these!  Here are a few of our FAVORITE before/after photos.  The purpose of showing these are strictly to show potential clients that all of the images in our galleries are of everyday women.

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